Thursday 3 May 2012


3x10 Crossing Over
Looks like 5* mucked up and showed the wrong episode again, skipping two when they should've skipped one. And clearly there was a moderately major development in the last one that meant this doesn't even vaguely work out of sequence. Grr.
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2x10 One Man's Treasure
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Not Going Out
5x03 Camping
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Pointless Celebrities
2x03 (28/4/12 edition)
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BBC3 to make zombie drama In the Flesh
(from RadioTimes)
So BBC Three had to cancel SF/F drama The Fades because (reportedly) they couldn't afford both it and more-established Being Human, but they can afford SF/F drama In the Flesh? Still, supporting new talent is good, and it does sound like it might be a solid twist on the zombie format. Irritating for Fades fans though.
Of even greater interest in this story (in my opinion) is news of BBC One commission The Musketeers, a 10-part modern-day re-working of The Three Musketeers. Be interesting to see how that works out -- it's not as obviously adaptable as Sherlock. If it's a hit too, I can well imagine us seeing a swathe of these modern-set re-imaginings of classic literature.

Downton, Walking Dead, How I Met Your Mother: Tube Talk Q&A
by Morgan Jeffery & Daniel Sperling (from Digital Spy)
A bunch of handy answers/updates to questions I've been curious about on series I'm interested in: Damages season four (and presumably five) will go straight to DVD in the UK; How I Met Your Mother season seven is finally resuming on E4 in a couple of weeks; The Hour season two is on in late June (has it really been a year since the first series? A British series can't be returning in under 12 months, surely); Episodes returns to UK screens nearly two months before the US; and a few other things too.

Sherlock series three details revealed by Mark Gatiss
by Morgan Jeffery (from Digital Spy)
Gatiss confirms that the first episode will be a version of The Adventure of the Empty House. Absolutely no surprise, but exciting to have it confirmed.