Friday 30 November 2012


1001 Things You Should Know
1x11 (26/11/12 edition)
[Watch it (again) on 4oD.]

The Graham Norton Show
12x05 (23/11/12 edition)
Having missed a couple (since this one, exactly a month ago), trying to get back on track -- I still have most of series 11 to watch, so don't want 12 going the same way.
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Have I Got News For You
44x06 (23/11/12 edition; extended repeat)
[Watch the extended version (again) on iPlayer.]

10x10 Jungles (XL edition)
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Bond Designer Danny Kleinman On His Skyfall Title Sequence (And How To Craft A Great 007 Opener)
by Jan Yamato (from Movieline)

I loved Skyfall's title sequence, so I also liked this short piece in which Kleinman discusses some of the thinking behind it.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: 49 Ways The BBC Could Celebrate
by Dave Golder (from SFX)

On one hand, this article is quite jokey. On the other, an awful lot of these are actual very good ideas. The more of them that actually happen the better.