Tuesday 16 July 2019


Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and Tell by Rob Thomas & Jennifer Graham
Chapters 1-22

The first Veronica Mars novel was a pretty standalone case -- it had callbacks and connections to the series, but most were minor or incidental, showing an awareness of the franchise's history rather than a dependance on it (although one part made some very significant additions to the Mars mythology). But this second book feels like almost a direct sequel to the movie: it begins by kicking off subplots that deal with storylines left hanging from the film, namely the fallout from Weevil being framed and Keith attempting to prove the sheriff's corruption (which led to his car accident in the film); plus Logan and Veronica being back in a relationship is a much more significant element in this novel, too.

It’s also filled with even more callbacks to the TV series: the main case has a victim who’s a minor character from a couple of episodes, and it’s later revealed that she’s connected to an entirely different minor character from the TV series. It’s kind of realistic that in a small town you’d end up bumping into the same people, but surely Neptune isn’t that small...

Creator Rob Thomas has always said the novels were canon, something he's reiterated in the run-up to the fourth season; but whereas they probably could've got away with ignoring the first novel and no one would've known (i.e. by just not mentioning its additions one way or the other), it feels like the events shaping up in this one (I'm only halfway through) are more likely to have a baring on the new season.

And, indeed, from what I've read, it's already been confirmed that new characters and plot developments from this novel are part of the new TV episodes. Well, at least it keeps the novels worthwhile; more than "some nice fan fiction".