Saturday, 15 October 2011


The Jonathan Ross Show
1x06 (8/10/11 edition)
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4x03 The Wicked Day
Well, that answers that long-standing query... though I won't say which cos, y'know, spoilers.
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Would I Lie To You?
5x06 Episode 6
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Batman: Year One (2011)
[#85 in 100 Films in a Year 2011]

DC Showcase: Catwoman (2011)
[#85a in 100 Films in a Year 2011]


2000 AD #1751
This Prog's ECBT 2000AD reviews:
  • Judge Dredd Day of Chaos: The Fourth Faction Part Two
  • Ampney Crucis Investigates... The English Assassin Part Two
  • Indigo Prime Everything and More Part Two
  • Angel Zero Part 01
  • Low Life The Deal Part 2

  • Daredevil #4 by Mark Waid & Marcos Martín
    After a bit of a dip last issue, things are back on form this week. It kicks off a new story, with a great plot -- set mainly in Matt Murdock's attorney life, as it happens -- and some fantastic action sequences in his Daredevil one. Artist Marcos Martin delivers some absolutely stunning panels too, as well as a generally high standard of storytelling. I believe the book is switching back and forth between him and Paolo Rivera (who drew the first three issues) and they seem to have very complimentary styles.
    For even more glowing praise, see CBR's 4½-star review.