Thursday 7 July 2011


Six series today, five of them including the last of the series / last ever. Coincidencetastic!

How I Met Your Mother
6x19 Legendaddy
I know some have been critical of HIMYM in recent seasons, for not getting anywhere with its arc plot, or for not being as clever or funny as it used to be, but I think this season is really hitting new highs. Good for them.
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James May's Things You Need to Know
1x03 The Weather [final episode]
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2x03 Episode 3
2x04 Episode 4 [season finale]
The second two-parter in Luther's truncated second series. A good idea in this one, well (and violently) executed, even if it did remind me of one of the Thorne stories. Most surprising, though, was the happy ending. How un-Luther-like. Don't know how this run went down or how it rated, but fingers crossed for a third.
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The Sex Researchers
Episode 3 (of 3)
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$#*! My Dad Says
1x18 Who's Your Daddy? [series finale]
Bleep My Dad Says (as they insist on calling it) wasn't the greatest sitcom ever -- far from it, if we're going to be honest -- but it was decent-enough brain-off watch-once fare. Plus, the longer it went on the more it grew on me, so in those respects it's a shame it was cancelled.
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Spirit of Wimbledon
Part 4 Splendour on the Grass [final episode]
All-in, it was definitely much better than that other one. I may write to the Radio Times. Why? I dunno. Because.
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2000 AD #1740
I haven't bought 2000 AD in a very, very long time, but word reached me this issue (last week's, as it happens) contained all-new stories and was the perfect jumping on point. Well, that struck me as an opportunity not to be missed, so here I am. Decision time on continuing must be quick though: 2000 AD is still a weekly anthology, meaning the issue after this is not only out now but also already 28.6% through the time it will be on shelves!