Sunday 12 February 2023


The Consequences of Feminism (1906)

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story (2022)


The Hound of the Baskervilles

Neil Brand's "concert drama" adaptation of the famous Sherlock Holmes adventure, starring Mark Gatiss as Sherlock Holmes and Sanjeev Bhaskar as Dr Watson. "Concert drama" is Brand's term for an adaptation written for actors and orchestra — there's constant music, which also includes some sound effects and indications of scenes changes, etc, while the actors voice the characters and also provide narration, as per a traditional audio drama.

This is a recording of the world premiere performance, which happened just before Christmas; it was also filmed and will be on BBC TV later in the year. I highly recommend it (I'll definitely be experiencing it again when it's on TV) — it's a superbly atmospheric and effective retelling of the story. There's also a nice introduction by Brand, which I hope they have on the TV version too.

[Listen to it (again) on BBC Sounds.]


2000 AD #2300

Many years ago, I read comics regularly — you can go scouring through this blog's history to find them, if you want; we're talking back c.2011. The problem was, I was never very good at keeping up, and I fell further and further behind until I just gave up. 2000 AD was one of the titles this happened to, with my reading coming to an end in March 2013 with Prog 1792. But every now and then I get a hankering for regular comics...

And so, almost a decade on from last foray into the world of regular comics reading, I decided to start again. This is the first issue I bought on that mission... one which came out back in September. Yeah. So, that's how well this has gone — I'm starting almost five months behind. But I'm not giving up before I've even really begun, oh no. I'm gonna catch up and keep going. Yeah I am. ...okay, we'll see. But I live in optimism.

Anyway, this particular issue was a massive crossover, where all of the strips dealt with a multiverse zombie apocalypse situation. So big an event, it continued into the companion magazine...

Judge Dredd Megazine #448
I know my limits. Well, I don't (clearly), but I knew enough to not go all-in and subscribe to the Megazine too — this is a one-off to complete the zombie crossover.

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Black Girl (1966)
Let’s be upfront about this: I’m a middle-class Western white man who herein will be critiquing a film made by a black African filmmaker about the life of a black African character. I’m stating this baldly because I wouldn’t want anyone to think I wasn’t aware of the potential connotations and pitfalls of that situation, especially as I’m about to challenge (what seems to me to be) the accepted reading of the work in question.
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