Sunday 13 January 2013


Romanzo Criminale
2x02 Episode 2
2x03 Episode 3

2x01 Episode 1
Is it really a year to the day since I started the first series? Time flies.


Underdog (2007)
[#5 in 100 Films in a Year 2013]

this week on 100 Films

My attempt to wrap up 2012 has begun, with two new reviews published to 100 Films in a Year this week...

Dirty Laundry (2012)

Considering it breaks both Marvel/Disney’s character copyright and WB’s music copyright, and thanks to starring Proper Actors & That it’s been relatively high-profile, it’s a miracle it’s still on YouTube after all this time. It’s a fairly effective depiction of a fan-favourite character, though, so long may it remain.

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Rules of Engagement (2000)

most of the time it feels less like the film is aiming for ambiguity and more like it doesn’t know how to guide us well enough in what to feel. Important points aren’t appropriately established, others aren’t appropriately dealt with, and Mark Isham’s score toddles on regardless while important moments slip by.

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Plus, new to the new blog...

Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

a great Christmastime film, requisitely magical and heart-warming. The court case finale (or "second half", more or less) is particularly enjoyable, not least The Bit With The Post Bags. I do like a good court room victory.

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Stay (2005)

writer David Benioff sold the screenplay for $1.5 million, and it would be nice to agree with that buyer — there’s a good cast, a good director, some good ideas — but ultimately it’s 85 minutes that seem retrospectively pointless when the final ten do so little with them

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