Saturday 6 May 2023


The Coronation of TM King Charles III and Queen Camilla
The Preparation
The Coronation
The Celebration
A Day to Remember
More history, innit?
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On His Majesty's Secret Service by Charlie Higson
Chapters 1–2

My copy of this much-anticipated new Bond novel (novella, really) turned up today — better than some people, I hear, because Amazon have predicted delivery dates weeks in the future, even for preorders. Shame, especially as it actually starts on May 4th, the release day. Well, so the marketing emphasised — that's actually a flashforward, with the main action beginning back in March. Probably for the best — the coronation tie-in plot could already be a bit gimmicky, so not actually leaning into a "read it in real-time" gimmick as well is good.