Friday, 17 January 2020


The Great British Bake Off
1x01 Cakes
I joined Bake Off with series 2 (so slightly ahead of the mass popularity, then) and always meant to go back and catch up on this first series somehow -- once upon a time that meant "hoping to see it repeated on some odd satellite channel", but nowadays it's just all on Netflix. It's a funny experience watching it now: so much of it is like the Bake Off we all came to know and love, but there are little bits here and there that aren't quite right. They obviously tweaked (and perfected) the formula for series 2.
[Watch series 1 (again) on Netflix.]

His Dark Materials
1x01 Lyra's Jordan [2nd watch]
1x02 The Idea of North [2nd watch]
[Watch series 1 (again) on iPlayer.]

3x14 My Brother's Keeper
[Watch season 3 (again) on Prime Video.]

Not Going Out
10x08 Halloween [special]