Friday 25 October 2013


4x10 Un Chien Tangerine
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Doctor Who
22x09 The Two Doctors Part Three [2nd watch]

It seems even the great, legendary Robert Holmes can't muster a good Sixth Doctor story.

Here, we get an underused Patrick Troughton (though, even then, he can't help but be brilliant); Sontarans who may as well not be in it (they could be any generic heavies); and we're treated to some of the era's trademark violence, as the Doctor murders a villain with cyanide gas, a Sontaran's dismembered leg is gleefully waved about, and a supporting character is bloodily stabbed in the chest; the last leads to a death scene that I think is supposed to be poignant but is just comic, and is overshadowed by a final shot where the camera adjusts to highlight a different character's chest.

It's not all bad. There's the highly comical sight of the cast traipsing around Seville in daft sci-fi costumes; there's a surprisingly impressive explosion, which must have been practical; and, among the cast, there's Troughton, and Frazer Hines, plus Nicola Bryant bringing her ample charms.

Unless memory cheats, this is the end of the Bad Part of #bbbDW50 -- though some may disagree, as the next couple of stories (at least) are under-rated personal favourites.

3x25 The One at the Beach [season finale; 4th or so watch]

The Graham Norton Show
14x02 (18/10/13 edition)
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Was It Something I Said
1x02 Episode 2 (extended repeat)
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Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale - The Final Chapter by Russell T Davies & Benjamin Cook
Book Two, Chapter 16
Chapters 17-20