Thursday 18 August 2022



Just under another hour's play, bringing me to exactly 7½ hours, and the game's completed. Despite what I was saying yesterday, it did feel like the game was nearing the end, and a look at the table of contents for the walkthrough I’d been using (or “trying not to use”, as much as I could resist) suggested I was right. It doesn't really surprise me — as I said, it felt like the story was nearing the end, and the playtime seems about standard for point-and-click games.

But it means there are a bunch of achievements that I've somehow missed. I thought I’d played the game pretty thoroughly (I’m the kind of person that talks to every character, chooses every dialogue option, looks at everything I can look at, etc), so I’m not sure what I’ve overlooked. Adventure games aren't (usually) the kind of thing you can go back over again and again to score faster times or collect more stars or kill more bad guys or whatever other stuff other types of games have as achievements, so I can't work out what I've missed. I wonder if they're listed online anywhere else...

Anyway, I enjoyed the game overall, even in spite of a few buggy bits and some iffy translations (I think it was made in Germany, and the English dialogue is almost there but has a few bits that suggest it wasn't written (nor polished) by someone who's first language is English). Which is good, because it doesn't really feel like the story is actually over — and there are three more games in the series.

Edit: I found the achievements listed elsewhere. I'd forgotten there are things like minigames that maybe I skipped, but if you don't skip them you get an achievement; and other things you can get an achievement for getting it right first time, whereas I took several goes. And the final achievement involves playing the whole game again but with all dialogue replaced with the word "droggeljug". Yeah, I'm not doing that.