Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Dynamo: Magician Impossible
1x02 Episode 2
I don't get Watch (annoyingly), but popping home to my parents' for the day I found an episode of this on Sky Anytime. Dynamo's very impressive, and while I could guess how he did a couple of tricks (which pleases me -- as previously established, I like to know how it's done), there are some that are totally baffling -- how he can push his hand through (apparently-)real glass right before someone's eyes, for instance.
I think now I'll have to see if I can get the rest of the series... somehow...

(By-the-by, the link I've used for the episode title... Interesting and not un-true review/summary of the series, but do note the "This is a sponsored post" tucked away at the bottom. So, essentially, this is a paid-for advert masquerading as a genuine blog post. Sneaky.)


Let Them Talk by Hugh Laurie
[4th & 5th listen]


Class 4G and the Zygons by Gary Gillatt
(from Squabbling Rubber)
A class of 10-11 year olds watch Doctor Who... back in 1995, when the series had been off air for six years (or "forever" to kids of that age). It's originally from DWM but is reproduced in full here. It might be interesting to re-run the experiment today -- six years isn't that long, really, and a lot of kids' TV at the time still had Who-ish production values; what would a class of a similar age today, weened on masses of slick kids' TV and years of the revamped Who, make of a '70s serial?

Graham Norton, Richard Hammond land BBC America shows by Catriona Wightman
(from Digital Spy)
I do hope they make it over to the UK, because a) it would be daft not to, and b) some of them do sound quite good.