Tuesday, 17 May 2022


Doctor Who: The Fan Show
- Steven Moffat On Writing, Weeping Angels, and More
- Steven Moffat On Matt Smith's Era, Writing The 50th Anniversary & MORE!
- The Steven Moffat Interview: Part 3

When Steven Moffat stepped down as showrunner of Doctor Who, he did a three-part over-an-hour-long interview with The Fan Show YouTube series, covering his entire time on the show. I'd meant to watch it at the time but kind of forgot. Something brought it to mind the other day, and so I've finally watched it. It's interesting and with some insightful observations, although you may have heard them repeated or retold elsewhere in the intervening years. And, in fact, he worked on the show for so long that even an hour-or-so doesn't feel like long enough to cover everything worth covering. But they do their best.

[Watch them (again) at the above YouTube links.]