Monday 20 August 2012


Batman: The Brave and the Bold
1x03 Evil Under the Sea!
1x05 Day of the Dark Knight!
I don't know what Aquaman was like in the comics before, but his New 52 incarnation is certainly nothing like this! If you've seen Thor, essentially it's Thor and Loki. I didn't even know Aquaman had a brother.
And in the next episode, Green Lantern proves to be even more annoying than in his film, and Green Arrow isn't that likeable either. There's a lesson here...
(For some reason my download has episode five as episode four and episode four as episode five. Dunno why. Either way, next one's Christmas themed.)

1x05 Halloween
[Watch it (again) on 4oD.]


The Gay Falcon (1941)
[#68 in 100 Films in a Year 2012]
RKO's Saint-esque Falcon series begins here.


Hollywood director Tony Scott jumps to death from bridge
(from BBC News)

I've long admired Tony Scott's films, thinking he's been a bit overshadowed by the critical and awards success furnished on his older brother. The outpouring of praise across twitter, etc, today has shown that I wasn't alone in this belief. Sadly, I think he may be one of those people who's more appreciated after he's gone.