Wednesday 2 November 2011


The Case
Part 1 (of 5)
New issue-driven daytime drama, about the trial of a man who helped his lover commit suicide -- or did he just kill her?
It's quite good in places -- Dean Andrews' performance as the accused in particular, as well as Ruthie Henshall against type as a bitchy barrister -- but it's also very daytime. The direction, writing, editing, most performances… you just couldn't show it at 9pm on BBC One, it doesn't feel right.
Very good title sequence though.
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Frozen Planet
Part 1 To the Ends of the Earth
As if you need me to tell you, this is properly incredible.
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Perfect Couples
1x08 Perfect Job
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3x29 (22/10/10 edition)
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Sofie Grabol spills the secrets on Sarah Lund and The Killing II by David Brown
(from Radio Times)
I wouldn't call it secrets exactly, but here's a little preview before the second series starts on BBC Four soon-ish.